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October 2018:

On Friday, October 19, 2018 Derek Nicholson will be presenting a paper  “Products Liability – 101” at the Ontario Trial Lawyers Association Fall Conference  at the Metro Toronto Convention Centre. Here Derek is pictured with some of those in attendance.

August 2018:

On August 27th, we had a successful fundraiser for Ottawa Mayor Jim Watson. He is running for re-election on October 22nd. In the pic from left to right are Mayor Jim Watson, Dr Pradeep Merchant, Derek Nicholson and Talia Nicholson

May 2018:

The University of Ottawa Common Law class of 1978 reunited at the beginning of May in Ottawa’s ByWard Market to celebrate the 40th anniversary of their time at the law school.

Alumni and friends from Vancouver, Toronto, Burlington, New York, and Cornwall joined fellow graduates living in the National Capital Region at the event, which was organized by Derek Nicholson, a Partner with Beament Hebert Nicholson LLP in Ottawa. Dinner was held at Restaurant e18hteen.

The law school reunion organizer and his photographer daughter

Dean Adam Dodek attended, as did retired Professor Julien Payne. Professor Payne was asked to give a reading from his Family Law class circa 1976. The audience was enraptured!

Derek Nicholson and Dean Adam Dodek.

Further opportunities for reunion events will take place during Homecoming weekend, October 19-20, 2018. We look forward to sharing your stories!
From the University of Ottawa Faculty of Law Website

April 2018:

F Lee Bailey and Derek Nicholson at the Mass Torts Conference Las Vegas. As you know he represented difficult clients like Patty Hearst, OJ Simpson, the Boston strangler, Son of Sam etc.

March 2018:

OTLA Cup participants

Congratulations To The Award Winners:

  • Will Davidson Award for Best Opening Address: Nusra Khan (Western)
  • Greg Monforton Award for Best Examination-in-Chief: Nicole Fielding (Windsor)
  • Bonn Law Award for Best Cross-Examination: Karolina Iron (Osgoode)
  • H. Bruce T. Hillyer Award for Best Closing: Alexander DeParde (Osgoode)
  • Tim Boland Award for Best Overall Advocate: Nusra Khan (Western)
  • Bergeron Clifford Award for Best Team: Osgoode (Alexander DeParde, Karolina Iron)


  • TEAM OTTAWA U Coaches: Mihiri Perera Team: Sasha Willms, Brenden Carruthers, Agatha Suszek
  • TEAM OSGOODE Coaches: Ryan Breedon, Ngai On Young Team: Karolina Iron, Alexander DeParde
  • TEAM QUEENS Coaches: Brian Kolenda, Julia Lefebvre Team: Andrea Coates, Spencer Putnam, Jing Bo Yu
  • TEAM WESTERN Coach: Andrew Camman Team: Kelsey Vicary, Alexander Slonim, Nusra Khan
  • TEAM WINDSOR Coaches: Francine Herlehy, Monica Pathak Team: Taraneh Etemadi, Nicole Fielding, Kyle Duncan
  • TEAM LAKEHEAD Coach: Jeff Moorley Team: Shakiba Azimi, Austin Nix, Ryan Langevin, Nathan Wainright

Thank you to our Team Sponsors: Queen’s University - Heidi Brown, Bogoroch & Associates Western University - Maia Bent, Lerners LLP Windsor University - James Scarfone, Scarfone Hawkins LLP Osgoode Hall - Charles Gluckstein, Gluckstein Personal Injury Lawyers Lakehead University - Duncan Macgillivray, White Macgillivray Lester

Thank you to our Event Sponsors: Dinner Sponsors - Frank McNally, McNally Gervan LLP & RSM Canada Breakfast Sponsor - McKellar Structured Settlements Lunch Sponsor - Brian Cameron, Oatley Vigmond

Special thank you to: Artery Studios Connolly Obagi LLP Brenda Hollingsworth & Associates David Hollingsworth & Associates Beament Hebert Nicholson - Sujit Nirman & Luisa Testa St. Peter’s Catholic High School - Kassidy Chase

Thank you to our Jurors: Michelle Jorge, Jewell Radimisis Jorge LLP Siona Sullivan, Sullivan Injury Law Omar Ha-Redeye, Omar Ha-Redeye Professional Corporation Ian Wollach, RSM Canada J.C. Plante, RSM Canada Lucas Pereira Karin Williams

Thank you to our Registrar/Timekeeper:  Najma Rashid, Howard Yegendorf & Associates LLP More about the OTLA Cup:

Each year OTLA lawyers volunteer their time to support the development of trial skills, civility and professionalism amongst law school students by organizing the OTLA Cup. Law schools from across Ontario compete in a simulated trial which covers all aspects of a real court case. The OTLA Cup is held each year in a courthouse, rotating amongst various cities around the province, and is presided over by a local judge, with OTLA members making up the jury. Through the generous support of various law firms, OTLA members award prizes to the law students who exemplify the best in trial advocacy.

We Would Like To Thank Everyone Involved And Look Forward To Seeing Many Of You Next Year!

If you are interested in becoming involved in future OTLA Cup events, please email

February 2018:

On the 7th and 8th of February, 2018 Derek Nicholson attended on behalf of the Ontario Trial Lawyers Association to address the Appeal in the Schnarr and Woodhouse cases.  These cases involved accidents at ski areas where there were waivers of liability even for negligence of the ski hill or the renter of ski rental equipment contained in the Agreements between the ski hill and the consumer in question.  The Appeal deals with important issues as to the rights of landowners and the rights of consumers.  Two pieces of legislation were being interpreted including s.3 of the Occupiers Liability Act of Ontario and the Consumer Protection Act.  S.7 and 9 of the Consumer Protection Act create a deemed warranty in favour of the consumer that the services purchased would be of reasonable quality. By contrast S.3 of the Occupiers Liability Act provides a statutory standard of care for occupiers and the ability to have an entrant onto the land execute an exclusion clause protecting the occupier from even their own negligence in maintaining a land.   It is impossible to know how the Court of Appeal with respond to the Appeal.  However there was a great deal of questions by the Panel of three Judges that suggested they were considering overturning the original decision which treated the waivers as being void ab initio i.e. not in existence as a result of s.7 and 9 of the Consumer Protection Act.

October 2017:

OTLA Board of DirectorsOn March 30th, 2017 Derek Nicholson was re-elected as a Member of the Board of Directors of the Ontario Trial Lawyers Association for a third three year term as Secretary-Treasurer.  Here he is pictured with the other Board of Directors giving his thumbs up!

June 2017:

The Beament Hebert Nicholson table at the Ringside for Youth charity event included Ottawa Mayor Jim Watson; Aurora MP Leona Alleslev; Dr Pradeep Merchant(head of the neonatal unit Ottawa Hospital Civic Campus) and his brother from India. Dr Denene Clifford attended with Derek Nicholson as well as her brother The Honourable Mr Justice Clifford and his wife Catalina.  Michael Hebert completed the table. Congrats to Dick Cooper, Tom Hicks and Steve Gallant for raising over $500,000 for the Boys and Girls club. This is the 23rd year they have run this event.    Kudos to them from BHN.

April 2017:

personal_injury_lawyer_ottawa_derek_nicholsonDerek Nicholson has just been appointed Treasurer of the Ontario Trial Lawyers Association(OTLA). He has also been appointed to head up fund raising and regionalization for OTLA.

March 2017:

On March 30th, 2017 Derek Nicholson was re-elected as a Member of the Board of Directors of the Ontario Trial Lawyers Association for a third three year term.

December 2016:

084The Board of the Ontario Trial Lawyers celebrated Christmas at the Bravi Restaurant in Toronto this past week – the picture shows Derek Nicholson and Steve Rastin having some Christmas cheer.

December 2016:

108Derek Nicholson meets with Minister of the Environment – The Honourable Catherine McKenna at the Ottawa Center Holiday Brunch.  The young man in the middle is Max Clifford – a grade 10 student in Ottawa.

November 2016:

Beament Hebert Nicholson's litigation team at the 36th CCLA Conference at the Fairmont Mte TremblantBeament Hebert Nicholson's litigation team was pleased to be a part of the 36th CCLA Conference at the Fairmont Mt Tremblant. The County of Carleton Law Association was formed in Ottawa in 1888 by a group of 60 lawyers, and is now the second largest law association in Ontario. The CCLA was originally formed as a professional association to provide a law library to its members. Today, this not-for-profit association continues to provide valuable library and research services, and has also grown to become a leading organization committed to offering its members advocacy, legal education, and guidance through the ongoing challenges facing the profession. The CCLA is governed by a volunteer board of lawyers from all practice areas and represents all sizes of firms.

March 2016:

The Partners of Beament Green are pleased to announce that effective March 1, 2016, the firm of Beament Green has changed its name to Beament Hebert Nicholson LLP and has become a limited liability partnership, as permitted by the Partnerships Act and the Law Society Act. The Partnership carries on the practice of law with a degree of limited liability. The partners in a limited liability partnership are not personally liable for the negligent acts of another partner or an employee who is directly supervised by another partner. Each partner is personally liable for its own actions and for the actions of those it directly supervises and controls. The partnership continues to be liable for the negligence of its partners, associates and employees, and accordingly there is no reduction or limitation on the liability of the partnership. All of the firm's assets remain at risk. Liability insurance protection for the lawyers of the partnership continues, and minimum insurance requirements, as required by the Partnerships Act, have been established for LLPs by the Law Society. The Law Society has determined that the liability insurance coverage for an LLP is that maintained individually by the partners. The limitation on liability is the only change to the partnership resulting from the legislative amendments and this change will not affect our firm's relationship with you as a client. We would be happy to answer any questions you have about our limited liability partnership.

October 31, 2015:

Justice-Allan-Linden-with-Derek-NicholsonDerek Nicholson and John Read provided a demonstration of an examination in chief (John) and Cross-examination (Derek) of an expert Biomechanical Engineer in front of approximately 400 lawyers from across Ontario during the Ontario Trial Lawyers Association’s Fall Conference held at the Toronto Convention Center. They also participated in a panel on Witness preparation for Trial. The two day conference was a great success. Congrats to everyone at OTLA who organized the event. During the conference Mr Justice Allan Linden took a moment out to have a picture taken with Derek Nicholson. Mr Justice Linden is known for his incredible work on behalf on Thalidimide victims in the 1960s onwards. His efforts spear headed mass tort litigation in the States which resulted in recoveries for victims in Canada and the US. He is also known for his incredible work on the Law Reform Commission and his equally impressive work on the Ontario Supreme (Superior) Court of Justice. He is also related to a world famous slide guitar musician, Colin Linden resident now in Nashville.”

July 2014:

Injury Lawyers Ottawa is pleased to announce the following  University of Ottawa recipients of the 2013-2014 Beament Green Prizes in Trial Advocacy: Benjamin Hiemstra; Brittany Alexis Hinds; John Alva Wallace, Marko Radulovic and Sarah Mix-Ross.  Congratulations and best of luck in your future careers.

June 2014:

Ottawa Mayor Jim Watson, Derek Nicholson and Dr. Pradeep Merchant share a laugh at the 2014 edition of Ringside for Youth

Ottawa Mayor Jim Watson, Derek Nicholson and Dr. Pradeep Merchant share a laugh at the 2014 edition of Ringside for Youth

Injury Lawyers Ottawa is a proud supporter of Ringside for Youth, one of Canada’s most unique and successful fundraising events for the Boys and Girls Club of Ottawa which attracts world-class boxing champions and entertainment superstars.  This year’s event held June 12thfeatured boxing great Sugar Ray Leonard with music  provided by Ottawa’s own Cooper Brothers.
Injury Lawyers Ottawa was recently recognized in a Superior Court Decision for providing access to justice for a young CAT TBI patient.  Justice Toscanno Roccamo wrote:  “The results in this case were undoubtedly enhanced by Nicholson Reid’s willingness to prepare for and pursue a costly trial to its mid-point, with all its attendant risks on liability.
personal_injury_lawyer_ottawa_derek_nicholsonThis article by Derek Nicholson, Sig Pantizis and Tia Hazra was recently published in The Litigator, a publication of the Ontario Trial Lawyers’ Association. The most important investments a lawyer can make in a motor vehicle accident case involving municipal defendants are the expert liability witnesses. These cases can be won or lost based on how compelling the plaintiff’s experts are in comparison to the defendant’s. It is important to retain your experts early to ensure that you hire the ones you want. This article identifies experts crucial to establishing liability against municipal defendants. Read the full article here.

May, 2014:

On Saturday, May 31st, Injury Lawyers Ottawa will be hosting a booth at the Capital Velo Fest Bicycle Festival to be held at Ottawa City Hall in conjunction with the Ontario Trial Lawyers Association.  The event will see numerous members of the Ottawa bicycling community receive a free helmet in support of OTLA’s drive for public safety.  We expect the event will see a substantial turnout of Ottawa bicyclists and we look forward to informing them of their rights in the event they are injured by a car while bicycling. for more information.

April 2014:

Derek Nicholson was re-elected for a three year term as a Director of the Ontario Trial Lawyers Association. He was also reappointed Chair of the OTLA Cup Committee as well as a State Delegate for the American Association for Justice. Congratulations Derek!

February 2014:

Bourbon StreetThe American Association of Justice (AJJ) held their winter convention in New Orleans February 8-9. Derek Nicholson was present for the convention and attended as a State Delegate for the Ontario Trial Lawyers Association (OTLA). Derek Nicholson shows the fun that was had at the convention, heading out onto Bourbon Street. The President of OTLA Chuck Gluckstein was seen in a New Orleans jazz bar. The music was fantastic especially in Preservation Hall. The AAJ Convention itself covered a variety of topics, mostly to do with mass torts and efforts to fight against the emasculation of the American tort system often referred to as “tort reform”. This emasculation appears in the form of depriving parties of their rights, contractually through arbitration agreements that are hidden in the back of contracts and in imposing restrictions on the right to sue for litigations in the United States of America. These developments are relevant to Canada as similar efforts and inroads are being made by big business in Canada.

October 2013:

Rocking on the RideauInjury Lawyers Ottawa was one of the proud sponsors of “Rocking on the Rideau”.  More than 200 people rocked out and raised money — 100% of the proceeds from the fundraiser are being split evenly between the Ottawa Children’s Treatment Centre and the Ottawa Food Bank . Auction items included a guitar signed by Sir Paul McCartney, a trip to Los Angeles, a cross-Canada rail trip, an autographed Ringo Star drum skin, and many more.  You can read the full article here, and visit to see the full gallery of pictures from the event!
Rocking on the Rideau PosterDerek Nicholson and Sig Pantazis recently concluded a six week trial for a young man with a catastrophic injuries.  After two weeks of Trial the municipality (United Counties of Prescott and Russell) settled for a substantial sum of money that is subject to a confidentiality Order and therefore can’t be disclosed.  The young man was severely injured when his mother lost control of her vehicle on a curve and spun across the road into oncoming traffic.    His mother died and he, the Plaintiff, survived with catastrophic injuries.
Injury Lawyers Ottawa is proud to announce that they are sponsoring and organizing “Rocking on the Rideau” – an event to benefit the Ottawa Children’s Treatment Centre and the Ottawa Food Bank.   Friday,  October 18th at Lago Bar and Grill at the Dow’s Lake Pavillion.  It will be an evening of great food, great people, great entertainment, all for a great cause. Come dressed as a Rockstar and you could win a prize! Silent auction items include a drum head signed by Ringo Star and a Fender Stratocaster signed by Paul McCartney. Click here for more details!

July 2013:

San FranciscoThe Canadian Contingent was well represented by 20-30 canadian members at the 2013 American Assocition of Justice in San Francisco.  Derek Nicholson is pictured after biking across the Golden Gate Bridge during a break in the Conference.

June 2013:

During the weekend of the 13-14th, Board member Derek Nicholson attended the Ontario Trial Lawyer’s Association Long Range Planning meeting in Collingwood Ontario.    This three day event included his appointment as Chair of the OTLA Cup Moot Court committee which is planning the OTLA Cup to be held in London Ontario on March 1st, 2014.  The moot court competition will be held between 5 Ontario Law School Teams.
 Nicholson Read hosted a booth at the Capital Velo Fest Bicycle Festival at Ottawa City Hall Injury Lawyers Ottawa hosted a booth at the Capital Velo Fest Bicycle Festival  at Ottawa City Hall in conjunction with the Ontario Trial Lawyers Association on Saturday June 1st.  Many members of Ottawa’s bicycling community received a free helmet in support of OTLA’s drive for public safety.  The event went very well and saw a great turnout of Ottawa bicyclists. A number of helmets were given out at the Velofest bicycle “rodeo”.   In addition, helmets were presented to David Johnston, the Governor General of Canada and the Mayor of Ottawa, Jim Watson, with explanations of what the Ontario Trial Lawyers Association is doing to support community safety.  Both the Mayor and Governor General were kind enough to re-donate the helmets for those in need. Derek Nicholson is pictured here with Jim Watson, Mayor of Ottawa (top picture) and with Governor General David Johnston in the lower picture.
 Bicycle FestivalOn Saturday, June 1st, Injury Lawyers Ottawa will be hosting a booth at the Capital Velo Fest Bicycle Festival to be held at Ottawa City Hall in conjunction with the Ontario Trial Lawyers Association.  The event will see numerous members of the Ottawa bicycling community receive a free helmet in support of OTLA’s drive for public safety.  We expect the event will see a substantial turnout of Ottawa bicyclists and we look forward to informing them of their rights in the event they are injured by a car while bicycling.

May 2013:

On May 29, 2013 the Board of Directors of the Ontario Trial Lawyers Association elected Derek Nicholson as a State Delegate for the American Association of Justice formerly the American Trial Lawyers Association.

April 2013:

Derek Nicholson (in background) and the Nicholson girls with Honourable Member of Parliament and Leader of the Liberal Party of Canada, Mr. Justin Trudeau.

Derek Nicholson (in background) and the Nicholson girls with Honourable Member of Parliament and Leader of the Liberal Party of Canada, Mr. Justin Trudeau.

Derek Nicholson (in background) and the Nicholson girls with Honourable Member of Parliament and Leader of the Liberal Party of Canada, Mr. Justin Trudeau.

January 2013:

Derek Nicholson has just secured the largest settlement in Canadian History.  Mr. Nicholson  won over $15 millions for clients  were catastrophically injured in a motor vehicle accident.  The settlement also produced the biggest structured settlement in Canadian History of $11 million.
Derek Nicholson and the partners of Beament Green are supporting the University of Ottawa’s Moot Court team in the Ontario Trial Lawyers’ Moot Court scheduled to be held in March in Toronto.  Good luck to these students and all those from other Law Schools that will be participating.  John Read will be assisting in a competition for law students to be placed on the U of O team.

March 2012:

Derek Nicholson, a Director of the Ontario Trial Lawyers Association helped organize a successful OTLA Moot Court Cup competition between different Law Schools . The winner of this year’s competition at the Court House in Ottawa was Western University.

October 2011:

Beament Green was pleased to donate money as the main sponsor of The Brain Matters. Justin McKenna is a young individual who suffered a serious brain injury which will affect Justin and his family for the rest of their lives. Justin is hosting an event “Brain Matters” on October 22, 2011 at the Russell Community Centre. Justin is a remarkable young man and it is only through the support of the community that he can get the type of care and assistance that he needs. Beament Green is pleased to continue to help Justin with his Brain Matters event.

September 21, 2011:

Beament Green was pleased to sponsor an event at Alpha Soul Café in the Heart of Hintonburg. Put on by Spacing Ottawa, these events are designed to explore the spaces, places and ideas that matter in Ottawa. On Wednesday, September 21, 2011 the topic was “Everyday Cyclists”. An amazing panel discussion was greeted by a passionate group of cyclists and people, all of whom want to make Ottawa a better place to live. Spacing Ottawa will be hosting future events on the following topics:
  • Food and City (in October)
  • Reclaiming Community Green Spaces in November
  • Visit for more information

September 2011:

Congratulations to the Beament Green Rockin Rollers, Derek Nicholson, John Read, Donna Bradbury, Helen Valentine and Sig Pantazis. They successfully raced their wheelchairs at the Paraplegic Wheelchair Relay Race event on Saturday, September 24, 2011. Congratulations to Beament Green who raised almost $2,000.00 for the Association. In a large part that was due to the generous donation of $1,500.00 from the Partnership. We look forward to doing this again next year. I am sure that practice will make perfect.

July 2011:

Beament Green has contributed substantial funds to fight a repressive “catastrophic injury” designation which would prevent many catastrophically injured victims of car accidents from receiving the benefits they have received previously. OTLA is taking this position in the lead up to the October Provinical election on behalf of injured victims across Ontario.

May 2011:

Derek Nicholson was just appointed in Toronto to a three year term as a Director of the Ontario Trial Lawyers Association. OTLA is a cutting edge Advocacy organization specifically designed to champion Plaintiff’s rights in the area of personal injury. In separate news, Sean Bawden and Derek Nicholson prepared a position paper to assist in OTLA’s intervention’s Committee prepare for their attendance at the Ontario Court of Appeal to establish ground rules for Ontario’s new Summary Judgement Rule 20.

March 2011:

The Ontario Trial Lawyers Moot cup challenge will occur involving top students from four of Ontario’s Law Schools this weekend. Derek Nicholson has organized this competition and Beament Green is sponsoring the Friday evening dinner and the event in general. The competition will be held Saturday March 5th at the Kingston Courthouse.

November 2010:

News – Nicholson Read. Derek Nicholson will be speaking to the Ottawa Insurance Broker’s Association on November 17th. The presentation will focus on Potential Broker’s Liability as a result of the new Statutory Accident Benefits under Reg 34/10 that came into force on September 1st, 2010 severely reducing No fault Accident Benefits for injuries arising out of car accidents in the Province of Ontario.

October 2010:

Beament Green’s Environmental Group provided input through the Ontario Bar Association to the Ontario Government’s proposed new legislation regulating strategic lawsuits against public participation (SLAPP). The Government of Ontario is presently studying the format of this legislation, so as to encourage free and open debate for public environmental matters.

August 2010:

Derek Nicholson has been appointed by the Directors of the Ontario Trial Lawyers Association to the Rules Committee, the Intervention Committee and OTLA Cup/Law School Outreach Committee.

July 2010:

News – Beament Green is proud to announce that Michael S. Hebert has been appointed to the Executive of the National Environmental, Energy, and Resource Law Section of the Canadian Bar Association. Derek Nicholson was appointed to the Ontario Trial Lawyers Association’s Interventions Committee.

June 8, 2010:

Derek Nicholson and Donna Robinson have continued with their lecture series on the new Statutory Accident Benefit changes under reg. 34/10. They presented this paper to the lawyers of Ottawa at a Carleton County Law Association continuing legal education seminar on the 25th of May, 2010. They also made a similar presentation to the staff of CHEO on June 1st and to Swanson and Associates on June 7th.

June, 2010:

Beament Green are proud sponsors of the University of Ottawa, Faculty of Law Trial Advocacy Prize awarded to the student having the highest mark in each section of the Trial Advocacy course. We are pleased to announce this years recipients: Ms. Kelly Harris and Mr. Jason Gottlieb. Congratulations to both of them!.