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No-Fault Benefits

In Ontario, every automobile insurance policy contains mandatory accident benefits coverage. These are called no-fault benefits.

You don’t have to be the driver or passenger in an automobile to be eligible for no-fault accident benefits. Pedestrians and cyclists may also be entitled to benefits if they were also involved in the accident. A member of your immediate family who was not in the accident might also be eligible to recover benefits if they have been psychologically or mentally harmed by the cause of events, in some cases.

One of your obligations under the law is to advise your own insurance company about this collision within seven days of the accident. An application for Ontario accident benefits will need to be completed and submitted to your insurance company. This must be done within 30 days of receiving the application package from your insurance company if you or your family members have been injured as a result of this accident.

It is important to carefully read each question and understand specifically what is being asked of you.

Accident benefits can assist you financially with the expenses created if you are injured in an automobile collision.

The key accident benefits available to a person injured in a motor vehicle accident in Ontario include:

  • Income Replacement Benefits – which partially compensates you for some of the income you may have lost as a result of your inability to return to work due to your injuries
  • Medical and Rehabilitation Benefits – Which will help pay for medical therapy or treatment, medication, medical equipment, transportation and other rehabilitation needs
  • Attendant Care Benefits – Which will compensate for the cost of caring for your personal needs while you are injured
  • Visitation Expenses – Which is to reimburse immediate family members for visitation expenses; such as, travel; parking; accommodations; and meals
  • Case Management Services – Which is to pay for the medical and rehabilitation coordination of your needs if your injuries have been determined to be catastrophic

There are also other benefits which may be available to you based on the severity of your injuries and whether optional insurance benefits have been purchased by you.

To better understand the benefits available to you following a car accident, you can go to the Financial Services Commission of Ontario’s website. They regulate automobile insurance and provide automobile insurance regulations on their website.

It is also important to remember that you and your family may also have the right to receive compensation from anyone potentially responsible for the motor vehicle collision. This compensation is over and above the Ontario no-fault accident benefits you may be entitled to receive.

Accessing the benefits that you are entitled to and protecting your rights against an at-fault party can be very complicated and there are strict limitation periods for commencing law suits. You and your family are well advised to speak to one of our personal injury lawyers for assistance.