Compassion Fatigue 2021: A Community of Caring


Thank you to all the participants of Compassion Fatigue 2021: A Community of Caring. The conference was a huge success with over 400 registrants. The conversations were lively and engaging, and the attendees were a big part of the learning. Connecting with others personally has always been an essential part of who we are and what we do at Nicholson Gluckstein Lawyers. Thank you for all your insightful questions and valuable comments.

Our conference featured Elizabeth Manley’s “Canada’s sweetheart,” personal struggle of mental health and caring for her parents. Dr. Mamta Gautam focused her teaching on The Power of Resilience, and Dr. Kimberly Sogge discussed Your Compassionate Self Energy.

Testimonials from the Conference:

“That was a lovely presentation – great reminders about how to take care of ourselves during this time.”

“Thank you. So well organized and presented. So meaningful.”

“Thank you for an informative presentation, there are a lot of good points to learn from.”

“Well presented…a timely reminder for all of us.”

“I am sure many of us can identify with your story in so many ways…thank you for sharing…”

“As a 10 year old girl watching you win the medal was an inspiration. As a 42 year old listening to you today, still inspired. Thank you for being you.”

“THANK YOU!! for sharing your story and letting us know that we can survive and be better on the other side of this. Take care.”

“I was really in need of this specific therapy today and thank you for that .so relaxing. It vent out all the negative energy out of me.”

“Thank you. Enjoyed all the presentations. Great content on a truly important and timely topic.”

Missed the Conference?

No problem at all, we are happy to have you view the conference at your leisure. You can watch it here:

Continuing Education Credits

The Law Society of Ontario has accredited this program. This program contains 55 minutes of Professionalism Content. We will provide a letter of attendance for healthcare professionals to apply for continuing education credits with your college.

Meet The Speakers

Derek Nicholson: Derek Nicholson has been one of Ottawa’s leading Civil Trial Lawyers since 1980. His experience is in personal injury claims, and he has dedicated his work to those who have experienced Catastrophic Injuries such as brain injuries and spinal cord injuries. He uses his experience as a personal injury lawyer to now exclusively represent plaintiffs against Insurance companies. He is a passionate lawyer who dedicates himself to helping injury victims.


Lynn Parker: Lynn is an Injury Specialist at Nicholson Gluckstein Lawyers. She has over 35 years of experience in Litigation Management, Claims Resolution, and Claims Management. She completed her certification in Life Care Planning through the Intellicus/University of Florida and was instrumental in developing the first Canadian program for Certification in Life Care Planning. Lynn has also obtained a Certificate of Completion of a course on Mediating Disputes from the Program on Negotiation at Harvard Law School Executive Education.


Dr. Mamta Gautam: Dr. Gautam is an executive physician coach, author, and international speaker. She is commonly known as “The Doctor’s Doctor”. She practiced as a psychiatrist in private practice for twenty years and now coaches other physician leaders to build up resilience and excel as a leader. Her work primarily focuses on Professional Health. Dr. Gautam’s company PEAK MD specializes in working with physician executives who want to develop strong leadership skills.

Dr. Kimberly Sogge: Dr. Sogge is a trained psychologist who specializes in empowering people to overcome barriers and live a strong and active life. Before owning her practice, she worked as the Chief of Professional Practice at the Royal Ottawa Health Care Group. She has a wealth of knowledge and experience in mental health and psychology, and her practice focuses on mindfulness and compassion.

Elizabeth Ann Manley: Manley is a former Canadian competitive figure skater. She is the 1988 Olympic silver medallist, the 1988 World silver medallist and a three-time Canadian national champion. She is presently a Certified Life/Executive Coach.



Gabriel Lessard: As a lawyer with Nicholson Gluckstein, Gabriel devotes his practice to all personal injury litigation areas on behalf of plaintiffs, including motor vehicle accidents, accident benefits, occupier’s liability, product liability and medical malpractice claims. Gabriel regularly appears before the Ontario Superior Court of Justice and various administrative tribunals, securing the best possible outcome for his clients.

Nicholson Gluckstein Lawyers – Compassionate Personal Injury Lawyers

Our clients often come to us in a time of crisis when they need help more than ever before. We pride ourselves on being fearless advocates for them in their time of need. Our promise has always been to offer our clients and our community full-circle care. We place tremendous value in treating our clients and our team members as family. A family stands together through hardships and is stronger together.

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