Fight to Keep Joint and Several Liability

Derek Nicholson - THE INSURERS – THE HIGHEST PREMIUM RATES IN CANADA AND THEY CONTINUALLY REDUCE BENEFITS TO AUTO INSURANCE DRIVERS IN ONTARIOThe Ford government under pressure from the insurance lobby groups has now launched an attack on the joint and several liability provisions of the Negligence Act.

This issue has been reviewed many times by Provincial Governments. Many interested stakeholders including innocent victims who would be deprived of recovery in many cases were joint and several liability not in place are in the process of developing submissions.

The Insurance Lobby Groups who are constantly changing legislation in favour of their insurance clients have extensive resources from the insurance companies. The insurance companies have made money hand over fist in the last number of years. They have done so in the face of Provincial Governments attempting to reduce their premiums by 15%. What really happened was that the insurance companies lobbied away a great deal of the no-fault accident benefits converting them into optional benefits. The cost of these optional that benefits is about $200 per person generally.

There have been virtually no reduction in insurance rates despite the 15% reduction promise given four or five years ago and instead benefits have been continuously taken away. This is another example of benefits being taken away to reduce the exposure of the insurance giants that effectively run the insurance industry and laws in the Province of Ontario.

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