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As one of the province’s largest cities, Ottawa sees hundreds of motor vehicle accidents every day. The damage inflicted in auto collisions is often extreme, leaving many accident victims with long-term physical, emotional, and financial consequences.

If you sustained severe injuries in an auto wreck, you may have multiple avenues to recover compensation. In addition to the statutory benefits offered by your no-fault insurance coverage, you may also be entitled to pursue a tort claim against the negligent driver.

Let an Ottawa car accident lawyer review your circumstances and advise you of your legal options. A skilled personal injury lawyer at our firm can pursue the legal avenues available to you and help you recover your car crash related losses.

Common Types of Car Crashes in Ottawa

Serious car crashes can occur in a variety of ways. Some accidents involve only one car, while others involve multiple-vehicle collisions. Most auto accidents involve two vehicles, however.

The most common type of motor vehicle accident, known as a rear-end collision, is characterized by the front of one car colliding with the back of another. Drivers have a duty to watch out for and avoid hazards in their path, so the rear driver is often considered at fault in these accidents.

Side-impact car crashes are also common in our area. These collisions occur when the side of one vehicle scrapes against the side of another, known as a broadside crash, or when the front of one car collides with the side of another, known as a T-bone accident.

Head-on collisions make up the most dangerous motor vehicle accidents. When the front ends of two vehicles collide, the resulting injuries can be fatal. These wrecks frequently occur at high speeds, thereby increasing the potential for severe harm.

When a Lawsuit Might be Necessary

Filing a lawsuit is not always necessary to recover financially after an auto accident. In many cases, the no-fault insurance coverage that all Ottawa drivers are required to carry will provide the compensation needed after a collision, regardless of who is responsible for the car wreck.

Unfortunately, these statutory accident benefits will not cover all a motorist’s losses. Specifically, insurance coverage will only reimburse economic losses like medical bills and lost wages. Injured drivers may have the option to pursue non-pecuniary damages which are not covered under their insurance, like pain and suffering or emotional trauma, through a tort claim against the negligent driver.

It is not always evident what options are most likely to yield fair compensation for a car accident claim. For this reason, an injury victim may be best served by pursuing both statutory accident benefits and a tort claim. A lawyer at our firm can assist with both legal options.

Talk to a Car Accident Lawyer in Ottawa Right Away

You have the right to move forward with a claim for statutory benefits following a motor vehicle collision. However, recovering the maximum amount of compensation may also require you to pursue a tort claim against the negligent driver.

An Ottawa car accident lawyer from our firm can assist you with both your insurance claim and potential tort case. To get the compensation you need, schedule a free consultation with our team today.

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