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Catastrophic injuries involve severe, devastating loss of functioning that is life-altering. Included in the definition of “catastrophic impairment” are injuries that result in:

If an impairment is catastrophic, the amount of medical, rehabilitation, and attendant care benefits available to you changes significantly.

If catastrophic injuries were caused by the negligent or intentional act of another, a personal injury claim on behalf of the victim is critical to the quality of life in that person’s lifetime. Medical, rehabilitative, psychological support in aid of the victim’s functioning in the best-case scenario has huge financial implications and stresses. Our personal injury lawyers are well aware of the long-term implications of many catastrophic injuries in that the full impact of the injury may appear even more significantly as the person ages, and we take that into consideration in advocating for the long-term welfare of our clients.

If you or your loved has suffered this severity of impairment, our Ottawa catastrophic injury lawyers can help you in obtaining the full scope of benefits to which you are entitled and make available full resources to help you. We are here to assist with your inquiries and concerns and will do so with sensitivity, experience, and expertise, so call today.

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