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A serious and permanent injury or impairment is physical or mental injury which will restrict the employment and/or other activities of a person for the rest of his or her life. In a lawsuit to recover damages caused by the negligence or intentional wrongful act of another, a permanent injury can be a major element in an award of general damages.

A serious personal injury can be life-changing. Many victims can no longer work or enjoy favorite activities, and everyday life is one challenge after another. Let one of our Ottawa permanent injury lawyers alleviate that burden by pursing compensation on your behalf.

Devastating Injuries

Permanent injuries could be caused by motor vehicle accidents, collisions with trains, motorcycle crashes, pedestrians or bicyclists hit by cars, farm machinery accidents, occupational accidents, and slip and falls.

Covering Future Needs

The medical bills alone for permanent impairments can be in the hundreds of thousands of dollars. The insurance companies may offer what seems like a lot of money, but that money has to cover many needs for many years to come.

We consult life care planners, physical therapists, doctors, and nursing specialists to determine the costs of future medical care (i.e., round-the-clock aides, surgery, physical rehabilitation, medications, prosthetics, and medical devices).

Nicholson Gluckstein Lawyers strives for settlements that cover future care, lost earnings, and the profound personal loss. We combine this with an excellent record of success at trial. Let us help you recover from your serious and permanent impairment. Our experienced Ottawa permanent injury lawyers can help to ensure that you will receive the largest settlement possible to help in your future. Contact us for a personal consultation.

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