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Ontario law requires that all dog owners leash their animals while not on the owner’s property in order to keep them under control. Unfortunately, despite this requirement, dog attacks continue to occur. Dog bites can often result in the victim requiring extensive medical care and can leave both physical and emotional scars. There are even instances in which the injured party may be unable to return to school or work due to the bite.

Fortunately, one of our Ottawa dog bite lawyers can help injured victims recover compensation for these losses. Let one of our personal injury lawyers assist with investigating the incident, explaining the relevant laws, identifying all possible defendants, and help you access the compensation you deserve.

Dog Laws in Ottawa

The City of Ottawa has strict rules concerning the responsible ownership of dogs. In addition to the laws that require the registration of each animal, Ottawa By-law No. 2003-77 Part III §11 states that dog owners must keep their pets on a leash whenever it leaves the owner’s property. Exceptions exist in specified dog parks or when the owner of another property invites the dog onto their land.

Additionally, the Dog Owners’ Liability Act R.S.O. 1990, Chapter D.16 §2 states that a dog’s owner is presumptively liable for any damages resulting from an attack by their pet on another person or animal. However, the owner may argue that the bite resulted from the injured person’s own contributory negligence, such as by taunting the animal or their commission of a criminal act on the owner’s property or person. One of our Ottawa lawyers can provide more insight on province and city dog bite laws and how they may impact a given case.

Recovering Compensation after a Canine Attack in Ottawa

Owners of dogs who attack are liable for reimbursing an injured person’s compensable losses. Canine attacks can cause serious infections and often require extensive medical care, such as hospital visits, expensive medications, and lengthy rehabilitation. In addition to a physical injury, many dog bites are traumatic events for the victims. Injured parties may experience include nightmares, flashbacks, or a hesitancy to interact with dogs, for which they may seek treatment and care. If seeking medical and rehabilitation care forces the victim to miss time at work, the dog’s owner must reimburse this lost income.

Any costs incurred as a result of a dog bite may be recoverable with the help of a local lawyer. A dog bite lawyer in our area could work to place a value on your losses and demand proper compensation from liable parties.

Ask an Ottawa Lawyer about how to Recover after a Dog Bite

Dog bites can range from minor to very severe.  They may require extensive medical treatment or even jeopardize a person’s ability to earn a living or enjoy life while they are injured. According to both provincial and local laws, dog owners must keep their animals under control and are responsible for any damages caused by a failure to do so.

It is essential to act quickly after a canine attack, as you have a limited time to file suit. Contact one of our Ottawa-based dog bite lawyers today to get started.

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