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If you or a family member has suffered injury through medical error, our Ottawa team of experienced medical malpractice lawyers can help. Our lawyers have decades of experience assisting clients with complex cases, obtaining the care and compensation they deserve.

Medical malpractice cases are particularly challenging to pursue. Success and appropriate recovery of damages in medical malpractice cases often depends on the experience, skill, and credentials of an experienced legal team. Nicholson Gluckstein Lawyers has what it takes to succeed in medical malpractice cases.

Do I Have a Medical Malpractice Case?

The first thing every client needs to know is whether there is merit to their case. Not all adverse medical outcomes are due to medical error. Our team of lawyers carefully and painstakingly evaluate every medical malpractice case we take on, initially through a detailed review of the issues and records, often followed by consultation with some of the most qualified medical experts in both Canada and the United States.

Establishing Negligence in a Local Medical Negligence Case

The law provides doctors and other healthcare professionals with some leniency in making difficult decisions. For example, the best option for a patient’s care is not always clear. For that reason, doctors must adhere to a medically accepted standard of care that is reasonably expected of all healthcare professionals. This prevents legal claims in cases where a physician acted reasonably to diagnose or treat an illness or injury to the best of their ability.

Unfortunately, not all doctors meet this standard of care, and those who do not could face civil liability for damages caused to patients. To prevail in a medical negligence claim, an injured or sick patient must prove that their physician’s or surgeon’s failure to meet the standard of care directly caused their medical injuries. An exceptional lawyer in Ottawa can review a claim for medical malpractice with the assistance of medical experts and gather evidence of instances of actionable negligence.

The Role of Legal Counsel in Local Medical Malpractice Cases

Our Ottawa medical malpractice team includes lawyers with over three decades of experience, recognized by legal peers as being leaders in the field. Our medical malpractice team is not only called on to act in cases all over Ontario but is frequently consulted to act in cases across Canada. Our reputation in medical malpractice cases is nation-wide.

Our group has investigated and handled thousands of medical malpractice cases involving surgical error, misdiagnosis, medication errors, delayed treatment, and improper treatment. We handle every kind of medical malpractice claim that might arise from poor medical care.

In particular, we pride ourselves on our extensive experience in cases involving injury to children occurring at or around the time of birth (i.e., birth trauma cases).

Consulting a Medical Malpractice Lawyer in Ottawa

We recognize the stress and trauma associated with an adverse medical outcome, to your physical well-being, your emotional well-being, and your financial security. We are here to help. We offer free initial consultations.

Many law firms claim that they represent medical malpractice victims, but it is important that you choose a lawyer with the level of experience and skill needed to prosecute these complicated cases. In addition to handling thousands of cases, our lawyers are also leaders in writing about medical malpractice issues and in providing educational presentations to lawyers and health care providers on matters related to medical malpractice matters. Call our firm to set up a consultation with one of our Ottawa medical malpractice lawyers.

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