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Motorcycle accidents are unfortunately common in Ottawa. These vehicles offer the freedom of the road to their riders, but they do not offer protection from a sudden impact. When a motorcycle collides with another moving vehicle, the rider could face potentially life-threatening injuries.

If you sustained injuries in a motorcycle crash, you may pursue monetary compensation through no-fault insurance coverage and civil litigation, depending on the circumstances. Let an Ottawa motorcycle accident lawyer on our team evaluate your claim and assist you in pursuing the monetary damages to which you’re entitled. Our personal injury lawyers have decades of combined experience and can strengthen your claims for compensation.

How do Local Motorcycle Crashes Typically Occur?

Like with other motor vehicle accidents, many different factors can lead to a motorcycle collision. Some crashes are caused by the motorcyclist, but most can be attributed to the negligence of another motorist. Some motorcycle accidents occur through no fault of either driver and are instead the result of poorly maintained roads, in which case the local municipality may be liable.

Left-hand turns within intersections frequently cause motorcycle accidents in our area. Motorcyclists who turn across traffic are often at an increased risk of being involved in a collision because their vehicles are much smaller than cars or trucks and are therefore harder to see.

“Dooring” accidents, which are also fairly common, involve someone in a parked vehicle opening their car door in the path of a motorcyclist, causing the biker to collide with the door. Lane changes on multi-lane highways also commonly lead to deadly motorcycle collisions. Drivers changing lanes are responsible for ensuring that there is no one in their blind spot before crossing over.

Many drivers fail to notice motorcycles, resulting in frequent crashes. When another driver’s negligence causes a motorcycle accident, they could face civil liability for some of the rider’s damages. Fortunately, one of our Ottawa lawyers can offer expert-ranked assistance in any motorcycle accident claim.

Common Motorcyclist Injuries in Ottawa

Motorcycle accidents often result in more severe injuries than other motor vehicle accidents due to the rider’s vulnerability. When serious or catastrophic injuries occur, the victim may be entitled to significant compensation. Injured riders should not hesitate to contact an Ottawa motorcycle accident lawyer after a collision with another driver.

Some common injuries due to motorcycle accidents include:

If you or someone you love has been injured, Nicholson Gluckstein Lawyers can help you back on the road to recovery. Whether it’s a motorcycle accident or another type of vehicle, our experienced team will make sure you receive all the benefits and compensation to which you are entitled.

Pursuing Compensation after a Motorcycle Collision

There are two methods of recovering damages after a motorcycle crash. Depending on the type of damages an injured biker wishes to recover, it may be necessary to pursue both types of claims. Specifically, the method of pursuing compensation depends on whether the rider is seeking to recover economic or non-economic losses.

Economic Damages

A motorcyclist can file an insurance to obtain compensation for economic damages like medical bills and vehicle damage. Every driver is required to carry no-fault auto insurance to ensure that medical bills and lost wages are covered in the aftermath of an accident. This is known as Statutory Accident Benefits Schedule (SABS). Because these are no-fault policies, compensation is available regardless of who caused the motorcycle crash.

Non-Economic Losses

A SABS claim will not cover every type of compensation, however. For a motorcyclist to obtain non-economic losses like pain and suffering or loss of enjoyment of life, they must file a tort claim against the at-fault driver. A lawyer in Ottawa can assist with every aspect of a motorcycle crash claim and help ensure you receive maximum compensation for your losses.

Reach out to a Motorcycle Accident Lawyer in Ottawa

Whether you are pursuing a SABS claim through your insurance or considering a tort case against the other driver, our lawyers can simplify the legal process. If you are ready to move forward with your case, speak to an Ottawa motorcycle accident lawyer immediately. Call now to learn more during a free consultation.

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