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If an injury or loss results from a defective product, the manufacturers or retailers of the item can be held responsible at law, either in a tort lawsuit or for breach of contract.  Companies tend to fight these product liability lawsuits diligently, as these claims can be very costly, both monetarily and to their reputations.

At Nicholson Gluckstein Lawyers, our experienced Ottawa product liability lawyers can help you through this difficult litigation process.

We gather all of the relevant and appropriate information in order to make a strong case for you. We are thorough and will seek out evidence to show the defects in the product that caused your injury. With all of the information that we gather from you, we will be able to reconstruct the events and show what happened and why your injuries are the direct result of a product failure.

At Nicholson Gluckstein Lawyers, we will build a strong personal injury case to obtain compensation for the injuries caused by a defective product. Contact us today.

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