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Commercial trucks might be integral to our economy, but they also represent a serious danger for other motorists. Semi-truck accidents are common in Ottawa, and the resulting injuries and property damage are typically severe. If you were injured in a collision with a large truck, you could be entitled to pursue several claims following a trucking collision.

With the assistance of a dedicated trial lawyer, you can pursue statutory accident benefits through your insurance as well as a tort claim against the at-fault parties. With an Ottawa truck accident lawyer as your advocate, you will find yourself in the best position to obtain monetary compensation after a commercial vehicle crash.

Common Commercial Truck Accident Injuries in Ottawa

Commercial truck accidents are typically severe and have lasting consequences for all involved parties. An important factor in the severity of many trucking collisions is the size disparity between commercial and passenger vehicles. Commercial trucks typically weigh more than 20 times the average passenger car. In addition to the size of these vehicles, truck accidents often occur at high speeds.

This combination can have deadly results in a collision between a commercial truck and passenger vehicle. Some of the severe injuries that are common with trucking accidents include:

Who Pays the Bills Following a Truck Accident?

Ontario law requires all licensed drivers to carry no-fault auto insurance, known as Statutory Accident Benefits Schedule (SABS). A motorist who survives a truck crash may pursue compensation for their medical bills and lost wages through an auto insurance claim.

Otherwise, an attorney can assist with pursuing a commercial vehicle accident claim against the truck driver or their employer. Specifically, when a truck driver’s intoxication or their employer’s unlawful pressure to meet deadlines, for example, cause a trucking accident, an injured motorist may have the option to file a tort claim. However, they may only qualify for civil litigation if their injuries meet Ontario’s severity threshold.

A civil lawsuit can provide monetary compensation for damages that are not covered through SABS, such as pain and suffering and loss of enjoyment of life. One of our lawyers can help ensure that you make the most of either legal option and maximize your chances of success.

Speak with a Truck Accident Lawyer in Ottawa as Soon as Possible

If you are ready to pursue a claim for monetary compensation after a commercial truck accident, you do not have to do so on your own. A skilled lawyer can assist you with a claim for statutory benefits as well as a tort claim against the negligent truck driver or their employers.

Do not delay the pursuit of a trucking collision claim. Call an Ottawa truck accident lawyer at our firm right away to learn more about your legal options.

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